Coach Leo

Lionheart Fitness Kids does it right

My fellow coaches at Lionheart are up to their usual tricks. Fundamentals for Fun. Fundamentals for Life. Right guys?


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4 comments on “Lionheart Fitness Kids does it right

  1. MinaskiMinaski

    Hey Coach,

    Look what I just found. You guys were named one of the top five kids fitness companies in the United States by the USCFA!!!! Nice work.

  2. Coach LeoCoach Leo

    Great work team! See what happens when we: Try our best…Never give up…and have lot’s of FUN!!!

  3. Sam SkorynaSam Skoryna

    Thanks guys, Coach John and I are just doing what we love here at Lionheart Fitness Kids!

  4. Kirk Peterson

    Proud of you guys for what you’ve done, and what you’re doing now. Keep it up and good luck..

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