Matt Eppedio

With over fifteen years of experience in the television and film industry, Matt has developed a sharp instinct as a creative producer.  This industry is the perfect playground for him to combine his background in illustration, passion for storytelling, and a borderline compulsive eye for detail.  Always leaning towards comedy, he made the jump out of development from New Line Cinema to production with the Farrelly Brothers.   Never settling for anything but the best, Matt’s pursuit led him to work with Ben Stiller as one of the producers on Tropic Thunder.  From there he was recruited by production company, Monkey Deux where he has developed and produced creative content for theatrical marketing and home entertainment on over 40 movies and TV shows.

Working in the film industry is a lot like working with children so unbeknownst to him he has been prepping for Coach Leo his whole career.  Also as the father of two, Matt is eager to channel those production skills and knowledge into this project so that his kids can be among the generation that reverses the troubling obesity trend.

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