Sam Skoryna

After dedicating a childhood and early adult life to pursuing athletics not only as a career but as a lifestyle as well, Sam spent over a decade coaching the philosophies and principals accumulated along the way.  A love of fitness and a passion for sharing the values of team building lead him to a pivotal role in developing groundbreaking curriculum for Lionheart Fitness Kids. Simultaneously Sam has immersed himself in all facets of the entertainment industry from joining the writing department on “Alias” and “Lost,” to working in production on “Tropic Thunder” and “The Guardian” as well as writing music for various independent films.  You may even recognize him from his work in front of the camera as goalie, Steve Janaszak, in Disney’s “Miracle.”

Coach Leo is the integration Sam’s life passions.  The essential values of fitness, nutrition and healthy living taught through through a musical, entertaining experience for kids.

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